I design and develop web sites, social games and mobile applications.

I’ve been making digital entertainment of one form or another – interactive TV games, web sites, customer portals, prototypes – professionally for 12 years. My primary focus has been on creating compelling user experiences that keep end-users coming back.

I’ve done web sites for solo artists, and I’ve created sync-to-broadcast interactive experiences for major television networks. I’ve thrown together prototypes that I and the engineer down the hall use to work through use cases, and I’ve designed and managed products that have been delivered to millions of US homes.

I have an eye for design, a UI development background, and a long track record of corporate product management in the digital space.

For a view at some projects I’ve done, please see my portfolio.

I’ve worked for Canoe Ventures, Level(3) Communications, TANDBERG Television (Ericsson), GoldPocket Interactive. My customers have included television networks, cable and satellite companies, consumer products companies, internet giants and small businesses. For a rundown of where I’ve been, please visit my resume on linkedin.

I currently own and operate Floor 42, which enables me to create games and web sites as well as consult on user experience and product design.